Homer’s favorite drink, Duff Beer will be made in Chile!- El Mostrador

La cerveza que toma Homero Simpson es chilena
por EL MOSTRADOR 27 septiembre 2015

21st Century Fox reached an agreement with local investors to produce, distribute and sell the drink has become a monument for fans of the series.
Duff, the beer icon Homer Simpson constantly drinks at Moes.  A group of investors start production, distribution and sale of the beverage after signing an agreement with 21st Century Fox . The beer will be ready in Latin America and some European countries in 2016 and explains the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Andrew Nassar, founder of marketing firm Common Sense, which won the rights to the brand in Chile, ” what we offer is a premium product, a lager beer with a touch of fruit and caramel aroma. ”

In various parts of the world during more than 25 years of transmission of the series, this elixir had been prepared without the authorization of the producer, being the first case in Australia in the 90s, where the company Lion Nathan National Foods was a alcoholic beverage under the brand Duff. This story was reproduced later in Mexico in 2006, in Colombia a year later and later in Argentina. Similar cases were also recorded in the UK, Germany and New Zealand. Ariel Casarin, professor at the University Adolfo Ibáñez has closely followed the legal processes of the brand in Latin America, it states that “in all of them, Fox claimed ownership of a concept … Brewers argued that it could not have ownership of something did not exist in reality, because the product is fictitious, because it is born in a place that does not exist is Springfield. “

via La cerveza que toma Homero Simpson es chilena – El Mostrador.


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